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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your law firm still open during the pandemic?
A: Yes. We are still open. Despite these difficult and unprecedented times, our law firm remains open to provide services to the communities we serve.

Q: What’s happening with the Court and our hearings during the pandemic?
A: Every court and jurisdiction is different, but many courts are allowing virtual appearances and virtual hearings to go forward. Some courts have even begun virtual trials. We are paying close attention to the court orders for the jurisdiction in which we file cases to determine the proper approach to attending hearings and filing your cases.

Q: Can I still file a trademark during the pandemic?
A: Yes! Our office corresponds with the USPTO by phone, mail or email. We can file your trademark applications electronically. However, the delays may vary given the current pandemic.

Q: Can I form a business during the pandemic?
A: Yes, we can meet virtually with our clients to gather any necessary information. We have the ability to file your documents electronically or by mail.

Q: Will I be deposed in person?
A: Depends. Many depositions have been virtual during the pandemic and do not require you to go in person.

Q: Will my attorney require in-person meetings?
A: Depends. Given the current pandemic, we are accommodating our clients and providing virtual meetings. At times, we may be ordered by the court to attend a hearing in person depending on the type of matter.


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